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Metal Gear Solid 30 day Meme: Day 1

Knowone will find this, but what the hell its something to do.

Day 1: When did you get involved in this series?

It was about when I was 9 or 10. I was never much of a gamer then, I'm still not much of one now, but I would always watch my brother play. I would usually just read and look up every time something interesting would come up. But with MGS that seemed to be all the time, the book I would bring with me would lay forgotten while I shouted at my brother to "not stand around like a spear plank getting shot at!" It was so involving that I had nightmares for weeks about Mantis and was shaking by the time the game ended.

There you go, day 2 awaits!

The saddest thing he’s ever seen



Title: The saddest thing he’s ever seen
Paring: Mycroft/JohnRating: PG
AN: Done for this prompt: “Mycroft cries.. in front of John.”
Summary: Mycroft deals with the aftermath of the explosion.





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Journeys Project

This was a project that I did for college, basically using a sheet as my sketchbook to record a journey, my journey.

Part 1:

This is just braking down the white making it less daunting.

Part 2:

The Cat Bunny: This was an idea I’d had from the beginning, I used to love making, what I dubbed Darkdolls. I felt it was appropriate to put one on my sheet.

Close up!

Part 3:

Blossom: Blossom trees grew outside the hospital I was born in, the very beginning, it felt appropriate.

Part 4:

Says: "We must not look at goblin men, we must no buy there fruits. Who know apon what soil they fed, there hungry thirsty roots."

Quotes and flags: A big part of my time is taken up by reading, so i put quotes from my favourite books and poems on to the sheet. I also have a very diverse family background, so there are several different flags on the sheet.

Part 5:

The Mask: This is stage one and to of the mask that will be attached to the sheet. It is meant to be worn as a head dress, this is to show how we weir our personalities’ and history as a shield ageist the world.

Part 6:

Decorating the Mask: This was just to help the mask blend in more with the sheet.

 Art blog is filled wih art.... ^^;

Sherlock Hound (Cumberhound!)

Beeing board today I've decided to waste some time do somthing productive! XD

Sherlock Hound/ BBC Sherlock, I think this has gone well.

Please comment. Thank you. Xx
Sherlock Hound BBC 

One weird Sherlock Holmes themed game!

Basically the rules are:


1.      Hit the keyboard randomly.

2.      Whatever letters you get must then be made into a sentence, with each word beginning with a letter in the order they appear.


The only hard bit is fitting it to a theme, my theme is Sherlock Holmes!


Here is an example:




Never bother Sherlock during violin sessions.


OMG that was lucky!   XD


Well off you go!

BBC Sherlock fic: Heeding a call

Name: Heeding a call
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Rating: PG
Summery: The world in the mind of Mycroft Holmes
Writers Comments’: Hi all! I like writting but I’m never shore of what to say! XD Lately I’ve been obsessed with Sherlock the bbc (and Mycroft for some reason...) so I gave this a go. If you want more please say, otherwise I wont add any. COMMENTS ARE LOVE!! XD

There is a monster inside all of us. A animal that calls with a hunger that must be fed.

Mycroft knows this only to well

At first its call was fearful, Howling for the sibling cub that would not heed to his concern. Mycroft would feed it, with testimonies from surveillance and armed guardsman. The irrational fear was kept at bay. The call became deadly when danger stood on the horizon, a threatening gleam in the distains. Mycroft would move then, sweeping in to remove the threat, or Sherlock himself.

The monsters song never seems to change, the pitch can waver but the melody always cold and harsh (Alone). The melody did have a partner once, the voice shriller, but methodical. That voice left with his brother’s dispatcher and the song became sad. That was when he stopped listening and just did as it said.

But John Watson made him think twice...